Joaquin Phoenix is a Hunk

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In case you were wondering how Joaquin Phoenix’s retirement from acting was going, don’t worry, it’s going exactly as you thought it would. The Sun reports:

FEARS are mounting for the well being of JOAQUIN PHOENIX, whose scruffy appearance is a far cry from his former pin-up days. The 34-year-old arrived at a star-laden party in Miami Beach looking bloated and sporting a huge scraggly beard. Since announcing his retirement from acting this year, Joaquin appears to have neglected his personal grooming. Alongside CASEY AFFLECK and P DIDDY, he looked rather more cave dweller than Hollywood A-lister. A source told a paper: “For people who know Joaquin, it’s been an incredibly traumatic year, filled with chaos. Everyone wants to help but nobody’s been able to break through. His bizarre behaviour has everyone worried. It’s just getting scary.”

I really don’t see what the big deal is here. He looks okay to me. Especially if his hobbies include using puppies to get little girls in his van, trying to dig out the microchip in his brain that the aliens put there to record his dreams, or whatever the hell it is that insane lunatics do.

You can see more pictures of Joaquin in Miami here, but be careful, they might be the creepiest things you see all day.