Robert Pattinson is Hardcore

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Twilight star, Robert Pattinson, defended the late Heath Ledger after a comedian at the Improv in Hollywood did an “impression” of Ledger. Entertainmentwise via the print copy of Us Magazine reports:

The comedian on stage is said to have simulated Heath convulsing on the floor – in reference to the alleged overdose he took in January earlier this year. According to U.S reports Robert and his pals immediately began booing and yelling at the distasteful routine. Onlookers say the boys shouted, “F**k you! You suck! Leave Heath Ledger alone!”

I had already made up my mind to hate this dude, but then he goes and does something like this. This sounds like some badass stuff I would do. You know, unless somebody then threatens me with physical violence. Then I blow the rape whistle that my mommy gave me.