Victoria Beckham is Insecure

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David Beckham is hotter than most of the chicks I’ve dated, so you can see how Victoria Beckham must feel knowing she looks like a leather cricket. In case you don’t know, David Beckham was scheduled to do an interview with Italian television host, Ilaria D’amico (this chick). Then Victoria typed her named into Google. The Sun says:

“The Italian media is claiming ILARIA D’AMICO was set to interview Becks tomorrow when he is officially unveiled as AC Milan’s new signing. But “at the request of the Beckham camp”, the interview has been scrapped after Posh apparently “researched Ilaria on the Internet”. Instead, Becks will be presented to the media in a standard press conference. Italian newspaper La Repubblica claims Victoria’s “jealousy” was the reason why the interview with Sky Sports presenter Ilaria was dropped.”

Since I’m committed to hard-hitting investigative journalism, I also researched Ilaria on the Internet. Who knows why Posh freaked out and cancelled the interview? Could it have been because of this? Or this? Or maybe this? I don’t really know her reasons. Although I think it has something to do with tits.

Ilaria D’Amico:

Beckhams and Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes on a dinner date together last month: