Billie Jean Says Michael Jackson is the One

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Billie Jean Jackson, a woman who claims to be the mother of Michael Jackson’s son, Prince Michael Jackson II (Blanket) has filed a lawsuit against the singer demanding visitation and….wait for it….$1 BILLION. Extra reports:

Billie Jean Jackson says in a suit filed in Los Angeles on Wednesday that she wants joint legal and physical custody of the child. She also wants to participate in Blanket’s education plus visits on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Oh, and she’s asking for a whopping $1 billion bucks in support! Is this for real?! Blanket was born in 2002 and Jackson would not say the mother’s identity, but has said the child was the result of artificial insemination from a surrogate mother and his sperm.”

Michael Jackson should probably start worrying because in case you missed it, Blanket isn’t black. I don’t care how white Michael Jackson is now, he was born looking like this. Unless Billie Jean Jackson’s womb is enchanted, there’s no way this kid is related to Michael Jackson. She’d have a better chance giving birth to a seahorse than she would to a kid who looks like this with Michael Jackson’s sperm.

Michael and his kids in October:

Katt Williams saying everything you need to know about Michael Jackson (NSFW language):

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