Nicole Kidman is Offensive

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Aboriginal groups are outraged by Nicole Kidman’s appearance on the German talk show, Wetten, dass..?, in which she attempted to play a didgeridoo. An instrument that women apparently aren’t allowed to play. The Age reports:

“The light-hearted stunt flouted Aboriginal custom in many parts of Australia where women are forbidden to play the instrument. It followed an earlier Australia faux pas, when a tourism ad associated with the film promoted a sacred site without Aboriginal permission. Kidman blew feebly into a didgeridoo on Wetten, dass . . ? (Wanna bet?), a high-rating German program known for high jinx. Allen Madden, of Sydney’s Metropolitan Aboriginal Land Council, said Kidman ought to know better.”

The only thing I know about Aborigines is from the Crocodile Dundee movies, and I liked it that way because they were really friendly and could do cool stuff like disappear in the woods. So, I’m sorry that I now have to tell them to fuck off. Look, the reason why Nicole Kidman played this thing is because nobody knows Aborigine customs and they don’t really care. Mostly because you paint your face with mud and hunt with boomerangs. Even more so now that we know how you treat women. It’s very insensitive. Women should be allowed to do anything they want. You know, as long as they have a signed permission slip from their husband or boyfriend. I don’t want to point fingers, but it looks like somebody in this story has a lot to learn about women’s rights. A lot to learn.