Tom Cruise Had His Blackberry Stolen

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Tom Cruise has been giving interviews in Toronto the last few days trying to get people to see his boring ass movie, Valkyrie, but good news: Somebody has his cell phone. Page Six says:

“…National Post columnist Shinan Govani reports. “After Cruise did a full-hour interview with “Entertainment Tonight Canada,” his people called the studio asking if anyone had found the gadget. “A search was done, but, nada,” Govani said. “So, basically, someone in Toronto has Top Gun’s crackberry.”

To whoever has Tom Cruise’s phone, you should do the dutiful thing here and post everything you find online. Seriously, do it now. Sure, the pictures of Katie Holmes trying to be sexy in men’s suits are kinda boring, but the full schematics of his shoe lifts would be pretty interesting to see.

Photos: Splash