Ashley Judd is Pretty Cool

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While stumping for Obama this year, Ashley Judd promised to UNC-Chapel Hill students that she would sit in the UNC student section for the UNC-Kentucky game if the state went to Barry. It did. True to her word, Judd, a hardcore Kentucky fan, attended the game and kept her promise. I only say “game” because that’s what it was officially called, because UNC dismantled Kentucky 77-58 even without UNC forward, Tyler Hansbrough. Hopefully this will change over the next four years. Especially when they pass a law to no longer keep score at school sporting events because it should be about completion and not competition. Then at the end of the co-1st place trophy ceremony, but after the trust falls, someone will read a Maya Angelou poem then everyone will go out for ice cream cones. Yay! Everybody loves ice cream!