Shania Twain is Back

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Much has been made of Shania Twain’s triumphant return to the public eye as a presenter at the 42nd Annual CMAs this week nearly seven months after her highly publicized divorce from producer, Mutt Lange. She looks like she’s aged about 10 years here, which considering the circumstances is understandable, but she’s still unbelievably hot. So, while you look at these pictures, please keep in mind that the guy who cheated on her looks like an unthawed caveman and the chick he cheated with looks like a Jewish zombie. Shania’s self-esteem is probably still a little fragile right now. I’m not saying this is a good time to try to get her naked, but there’s a good chance that if you have a welcoming smile and a good credit score, Shania Twain would totally have sex with you.