Shanna Moakler is Psychic

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Shanna Moakler, sometimes wife of Travis Barker, has told Us Magazine that she was supposed to be on the plane that crashed in South Carolina shortly after take off on September 19. She claims she didn’t board because she had a bad feeling. You know, like that one movie.

“I was supposed to go with [Travis] to South Carolina, and at the last minute, I had this gnarly feeling and said, “I don’t think we should fly together anymore.” Go forbid something ever happened – our kids wouldn’t have both parents. Instead of flying a commercial flight back home, they decided to take a private jet. He emailed me pictures of the plane and wrote, “It’s really small and scary.” I had a bad feeling, but didn’t want to sound strange, so I said,”Be safe.”

It’s not clear why Shanna Moakler would bring this up now, but in case you were wondering, Travis Barker said in one of his MySpace blogs that after this staged photo op at the hospital Moakler never came back to visit him. Oh wait, it is clear. Never mind. There’s no telling what she’s gonna do if Barker doesn’t get abducted by aliens or sold into slavery soon. Maybe she can start wearing a viking helmet and carrying a trident. Or maybe she can rob a bank. I don’t know. There’s gotta be something out there to help this chick think the world revolves around her.

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