Madonna and A-Rod Have a Secret

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People seem to be surprised how fast Madonna has moved on with Alex Rodriguez so quickly after her divorce from Guy Ritchie was announced earlier this week. I guess having a secret apartment in NYC since 2007 where she would meet Rodriguez may have something to do with that. OK! Magazine (via FOX News) reports:

“the Material Girl was making frequent trips to a NYC building back in July of 2007, where New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez had an apartment! Columnist Roger Friedman writes that in July 2007, A-Rod “had sublet a ‘secret love shack’ in the Time Warner Center. I confirmed that Madonna was a frequent guest to the building, which was a very different address from the apartment A-Rod shared with his now ex-wife.” Friedman goes on to say that the Time Warner building is just “a couple of blocks away from Madonna’s digs on Central Park West.” That same Time Warner apartment, owned by a New York lawyer, is reportedly still occupied by Rodriguez.”

So for over a year now, Madonna has been hooking up with Alex Rodriguez in secret. And this year the New York Yankees missed the playoffs for the first time in 15 years. Coincidence? Not sure. But if you’re a Yankees fan, training a leopard to attack anything in New York wearing a Kabbalah bracelet and a leotard might not be a bad idea.

Madonna performing last night in Boston:

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