Madonna is Classy

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The day her separation and imminent divorce was officially announced to the public, Madonna took the opportunity to blast her husband of 8 years at her concert in Boston last night. Awww, how sweet. The Daily Mail reports:

“With a $150 million divorce looming, Madonna couldn’t resist launching a thinly veiled attack on her soon to be ex husband Guy Ritchie as she took to the stage in Boston last night. Before she sang ‘Miles Away’, which Madonna previously claimed was inspired by Ritchie, she told the audience: ‘This song is for the emotionally retarded. Maybe you know some people who fall into that category. God knows I do.’ The lyrics hint at a couple growing apart: ‘When I’m gone you’ll realize/That I’m the best thing that happened to you.’ She also opened the show, which took place just hours after her spokesperson confirmed the split, with her track I’m Not Sorry, telling the 20,000-strong crowd: ‘That’s right, I’m not sorry.'”

I couldn’t care less about Madonna at this point, but I was just in Boston last week and is there a reason why most the chicks are all brunette, pale, and pointy looking? I saw like one blonde. I have to admit, it was pretty difficult to enjoy myself when you think every chick you see is the sworn enemy of the Smurfs.

Madonna and Guy Ritchie at the premiere of RocknRolla last month: