Madonna is Dating Alex Rodriguez

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After spending an inappropriate amount of time with New Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez earlier this year, Madonna insisted the pair were just friends. Then Cynthia Rodriguez filed for divorce. On October 2nd, Madonna had dinner with Alex Rodriguez in New York City. Madonna’s divorce was announced yesterday. Stop me if you’re seeing a pattern. Us Magazine reports:

“Guy is not involved in this equation,” the insider tells “With or without A-Rod, Madonna and Guy haven’t been ‘together’ for over a year – they have been privately separated. Madonna, however, wanted to finish her world tour before divorcing.” An A-Rod source tells Us, “A-Rod and Madonna are more involved than ever. “Alex has really missed spending time with Madonna. However, he understands the position Madonna’s in.” The source tells Us six days ago that Madonna — who dined with Rodriguez Oct. 2 at Dos Caminos in NYC — “has agreed to be discreet about her relationship with A-Rod until her tour ends and a divorce is announced.”

Just to help you with the basic math, in twenty years, Alex Rodriquez will be 53 and enjoying life after his fairly recent induction into the Hall of Fame. Also in twenty years, Madonna will be cyrogenically frozen two miles underground on a military base. Will their love be able to last? Man, I sure do hope so.

Madonna and Guy in February: