Jamie Lynn Spears is Pregnant

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Despite public denials from her rep that she is pregnant, a Spears family member confirmed to the National Enquirer that Jamie Lynn Spears is definitely knocked up. The baby’s father, Casey Aldridge, apparently found out about the pregnancy though the media, and the statement of denial was only made so the Spears family could buy time (i.e. talk Jamie Lynn into aborting the baby). Awesome. National Enquirer reports:

“Jamie Lynn’s mom is furious about the pregnancy,” the family member told an ENQUIRER source. “And she’s livid the news leaked out, especially during her book tour. “Lynne doesn’t want to talk about it publicly until they sort this out. Jamie Lynn is being pressured by people very close to her to abort. But no decision has been made yet. Casey is furious. Jamie Lynn hadn’t told him about the pregnancy. He learned about it in the media and then confronted her and she told him it was true. Lynne and Jamie Lynn have been arguing nonstop by phone.” With the family in turmoil, one thing is certain, the source told the NATIONAL ENQUIRER: “If Jamie Lynn has this baby, you can be sure they will try to sell the official confirmation of the pregnancy to a magazine, as well as the baby photos.”

Jamie Lynn should just go ahead and have the baby, because she’s not making any money anywhere else. It’s like welfare for semi-famous chicks. Have a baby, get a raise. She should probably just keep having them, because eventually a Spears has to come out okay. Maybe if she’s lucky, when she has this one, the doctors will mix it up with the dead teen Russian prostitute’s baby down the hall. Sure the mafia might sell it, but it’ll probably get to learn an exciting new language!

Jamie Lynn at Wal-Mart this weekend: