Amy Winehouse is a Born Entertainer

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Amy Winehouse has been in hiding for weeks, emerging only once to perform earlier this month at Bestival (where her rider included 48 bottles of Jack Daniels), but last night she put on a show at Monarch, a local club in Camden. Want to take a guess how it went? The Daily Mail reports:

Amy Winehouse cut a tragic figure last night as she stumbled through the streets of Camden looking worse than ever. The singer, who has largely keep out of public view in recent weeks, was a guest DJ at her local pub the Monarch, where she emerged in a dishevelled, bleary-eyed state. She arrived more than two hours late for her Snakehips session alongside DJ Bioux. The organisers were forced to announce: ‘Miss Winehouse is sorry she will be late.’ But this did little to appease an already angry audience. A source revealed: ‘The pub was packed at first, until people started to get restless. Many decided to leave before Amy arrived, which left the pub looking quite empty. ‘She didn’t greet the crowd when she finally appeared. After playing two songs, she mumbled into the mic, “thanks for coming down, much obliged”.’ She appeared distracted through out the brief set as she chatted to her close pal, musician Alex Wood.”

People still pay to see Amy Winehouse? Really? Other than the excitement and thrill of possibly seeing somebody die on stage, what exactly is the point? It’s Amy Winehouse. She’s gonna show up high and stumble around for a while then go chase the dragon. I’d rather pay to see my leg being fed to lions.

Amy Winehouse on her way to give a fair maiden a poison apple:

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