Kelly Osbourne Has a Busted Face

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Unfortunately, somebody didn’t knock this shit out of Kelly Osbourne’s bratty ass, but fortunately, she has a black eye. Mail Online says:

While Kelly may have looked like she had been in a fight, her spokesman said the reality TV star had fallen prey to some bad DIY when the contents of a cupboard fell on top of her. Kelly had a low-key bank holiday weekend at home after suffering from a tummy bug. Her illness was made even worse when she reached to get a glass from a cupboard in her kitchen and the whole piece of furniture fell off the wall on top of her, cutting her temple and hitting her in the left eye.”

Is anybody concerned about this chick? Really? Her life consists of spending her dad’s money and doubling her caloric intake. I mean, the dude in Canada who cut that guy’s head off on the bus and the Staples easy button are more famous than this bitch. Think about that.

Kelly last week in London:

Photos: Daily Mail; Splash