Zac Efron Might Be Lying

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High School Musical star and tween panty moistener, Zac Efron, 20, says fellow Disney star, Vanessa Hudgens (she takes nice pictures), 19, “outshines” other women. Whatever that means. Female First reports:

The 20-year-old actor – who has been dating Vanessa since they starred alongside each other in 2006 movie ‘High School Musical’ – immediately knew that Vanessa was the one for him. He said: “Vanessa caught my eye straight away. She simply outshines all other girls because of her strong personality. I don’t know if I believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in two people having chemistry straight away. I don’t know what it was with Vanessa but we kind of clicked from the very beginning. She is not just a lovely girl, she is also a sexy and desirable woman! Vanessa is just a wonderful person. I can laugh and talk with her and, most of all, we have loads of fun!”

I don’t know what chick freshman lit major wrote this quote, but nice try on using the word “straight” as many times as you possibly could. Sorry, Zac Efron, but you’re not fooling anybody there, Peter Pan. The only way she could outshine other women is if you convinced her to let you use glitter the next time you gave each other makeovers.

Vanessa Hudgens posing for some photoshoot: