Lily Allen is Punching People

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The plague of little white girls slapping random people continues to rampage through the UK. It’s Lily Allen, look out!! The Sun reports:

Lily Allen has never been one to mind her French. But as you can see from my pictures, she went a step further by landing a punch on a Gallic passer-by during a boozy night out. The girl provoked Lily by calling her a “f****** a*******” as she left Ronnie Scott’s in London on Monday. She then egged on Lily with further insults before the Smile star cracked and chucked a right hook at the bolshy brunette. And after round one Lily was ready to go back into the ring for more. She shouted: “Where is that b****, man? I’ll f****** batter her.” Thankfully, Lily’s TV host pal Miquita Oliver talked her out of it, with the singer agreeing: “Violence is bad.” But she still had time to shout abuse at one of the girl’s male friends – who was wearing a skirt – before getting into a cab, where her boob popped out.”

I’m fascinated by the fact that apparently there isn’t a scenario that Lily Allen thinks shouldn’t somehow involve her tits (click here and click here, NSFW). If she assassinated Vladimir Putin or beat Michael Phelps in the 100m freestyle, I’d fully expect the caption of one of the pictures to involve the word “areola.”

Photos: Splash