Amy Winehouse Attacks!

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New video has surfaced of Amy Winehouse, yet again, attacking a random person while being completely unprovoked. This time, Amy slaps a middle-aged woman in the face as the woman tries to speak to her on the street. The Sun reports:

The troubled singer was out and about in Camden when a passer-by grabbed her, seemingly concerned for her health. But Amy lashed out at the middle-aged woman – giving her a hard slap and screaming: “Let f***ing go of me, d***head.” As she walked away, Amy carried on shouting at her victim, calling her a “f***ing bitch.”

What the hell is going in England? Everybody’s cool with a skinny junkie in flats going around slapping people? Amy Winehouse should come to America and try terrorizing the public here. I put the over/under at 1 person, before you’ll be able to buy her scalp on eBay.

Amy Winehouse getting kicked out of the Camden Lock pub last night after allegedly getting in a fight with someone inside:

Photos: Splash