Amy Winehouse Was Released

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Amy Winehouse was discharged from the hospital yesterday 12 hours after she was rushed to the emergency room for what her publicist described as an adverse reaction to “medication,” Yeah, sure, okay. *winks and makes a circle with thumb and index finger* People reports:

Winehouse, 24, was taken by ambulance from her home in north London to the University College Hospital on Monday night after suffering what was believed to be a seizure…The setback was part of her struggle to get clean, the rep insists…”She was taking a new [medication] as part of her anti-drug treatment program,” says Goodman. “And it was an adverse reaction to that new drug. You have to try different things but unfortunately this was not the right one.”

I’m not a pharmacist, but I’m pretty sure mixing anti-drug medication with actual drugs might not give you the best results. In fact, God might give you a seizure in hopes that you’ll die. Instead of a prescription, they should just give this dumb bitch a medicine bottle filled with vampire scorpions that will attack her when she opens it. Or next time they could just let her keep having her seizure. Put on some music and it’s like she’s dancing! Go Amy, go Amy, go!

Amy Winehouse during her “not inches from death” period: