Christian Bale’s Sister Wanted $200,000

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More details have been released regarding what exactly caused the altercation between Bale and his mother and sister. Details like his sister asking to “borrow” 200 grand to help raise her kids. And other details like, when Bale refused, his mother and sister threw a hissy fit and started talking shit about his wife. The Sun reports:

But sources close to 6ft 2in Bale, who has another sister called Louise, said Jenny inflamed the situation by hurling insults about his wife Sibi, 38…A source close to the case said: “Christian is a very wealthy young man and was asked to help his sister out financially. He was asked to loan her $200,000 but he refused and that caused an almighty row. During that row, the women claim, he assaulted them by pushing and shoving them. Both Jenny and Sharon are terribly upset over what happened. They did not want any publicity and the last thing they wanted to do was wreck his premiere evening. But they say he bullied them. They are both devastated that it has come to this but want him to be taught a lesson.”…Sharon, who works in computer programming, has two daughters – aged ten and 12 – from a previous marriage and a baby from a new relationship.”

I’ll admit, having a bunch of kids by different men can be tough in this crazy world. That’s why most experts agree that if you do it, you should make sure one of the daddies is an oil tycoon or an all-powerful genie in a lamp. Because if your resume says “computer programmer,” using your womb to populate the earth might not be the best business model.