Amy Winehouse is Still a Crackhead

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Long story short, Amy Winehouse’s dad stopped by her house last night, then Amy jumped into a friend’s car and they drove off. Fifteen minutes later she jumped out of the moving car, and started screamed at the driver. Then she went to a pub and ger dad found her and dragged her crackhead ass out and locked her inside her house. Good times. Telegraph reports:

According to eye witnesses, she was eventually dragged out by her exasperated father, Mitch, and taken home, where a burly minder was stationed by the front door – there to bar entry to unwanted visitors, but also seemingly to keep Winehouse out of harm’s way. One onlooker said: “Amy could be heard pleading to be allowed out for some fresh air, only to be told to stick her head out of the back window. Anyone who rang her doorbell had to be given approval by the man on the door. He left after a few hours, only for another big guy to take his place.” It is not known whether the girls were friends of Winehouse, but she has a history of hijacking strangers’ cars.”

Would it be too soon to put a shock collar on this basket case? Or chain her to an engine block in the backyard? Do we have to wait until she shoots up tree sap or smokes a dead cat first, or how is this gonna work? I wish somebody would feel me in, because I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m not the first person to suggest this.

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