Amy Winehouse Punched a Fan

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Amy Winehouse performed at Glastonbury this weekend and she was so glad to be out of the hospital she punched woman in the audience. Haaretz:

While wrapping up her hour-long set with the hit “Rehab,” Winehouse climbed off the Pyramid stage, got closer to the crowd and mingled with some fans. At one point, the singer appears to elbow, and then punch, an unidentified concertgoer, after which which security personnel who were following the singer ushered Winehouse away. The troubled singer’s representative told Sky News that a woman had grabbed her hair and Winehouse was trying to push her away.”

I don’t even know why those security guards had to pull Amy away because I think that fan got the message. You know, because nothing is more scary than an 80-pound woman with rotting skin and spots on her lungs. Well, maybe nothing except that time at the Double Dutch State finals where we faced the three-time champions, The Hot Chili Steppers. In the end, they just weren’t ready for my donkey kick.

Note: The elbow/punch happens at the 4:30 mark, but if you like the soothing, soulful sounds of a dog after it got hit by a car, feel free to watch the whole thing.

Amy at Glastonbury:

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