Hugh Hefner Has Pain

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Hugh Hefner, 82, has revealed that he has constant lower back pain. Back pain not caused by not lifting with his legs or getting hit with a shovel, but from getting inside more teenage pussy than a stepfather. Stuff reports:

The 82-year-old Playboy tycoon – who lives with three girlfriends at the infamous Playboy mansion in Los Angeles – is renowned for his womanising ways, but says his bedroom activities have caused him health problems. He told “I have some aches and pains and I have had lower back problems since the 80s. Too much time in bed rustling around with friends!”

In related news, I just got a new Batman comforter for my bed. What can I say? Looks like Hugh Hefner and I are just livin’ the dream!

Hef and his whores at Warren Beatty’s AFI Life Achievement Award on June 12:

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