Amy Winehouse is a Moron

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Amy Winehouse was released from the hospital yesterday after being admitted for collapsing in her home last week. She was diagnosed with early stages of emphysema due to her constant use of cigarettes and crack cocaine. Guess what she did the second she was released? If you guess “that dumb bitch was smoking,” congratulations! Mail Online reports:

The Back To Black singer was all smiles as she piled into a cab, stopping off for a brief shopping trip before returning home. But in a worrying sign she’s yet to shake her bad habits, the 24-year-old was seen lighting up a cigarette as she emerged from facility despite stern warnings from doctors. Her father Mitch Winehouse has admitted that he is terrified that she will fall into her old habits and is concerned she’ll be ‘dead in three months’.”

When you’re at 70% lung capacity and your doctors don’t know if you’ll be dead next month, a cigarette can really help relieve some stress. That’s why doctors blow smoke into newborns’ faces. They say it helps them relax.

Here’s Amy a few months ago, enchanting the world with her beauty: