Tila Tequila is Delusional

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I know all the gays are running around here thinking that it was the years they spent battling for same-sex marriage rights that gays are now allowed to get married in California. But, sorry gays, you are mistaken. It’s all because of Tila Tequila. Us says:

It is because of me – I definitely think [my show] has helped the movement,” she told Usmagazine.com at the Hollywood premiere of The Love Guru on Wednesday. “Before it came out, everyone was still a little apprehensive about [same sex relationships],” she said. “Then they realized, ‘Wow, everyone is really into this stuff, and it is fine.’ The next thing you know, [gay marriage] is legal.”

God, shut the fuck up. Gay marriage isn’t legal because some Vietcong hooker gets paid to pretend to like girls on a show nobody watches. Even if in an alternate reality this show had anything to do with it, I still wouldn’t give this skank credit for anything. She could pull me out of a plane crash and I’d tell the cops that she was trying to rob me.