Lily Allen is Drunk Again

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The Glamour Women of the Year Awards were last night, and as Glamour says on their website, this year’s honorees will make you “learn how they’re changing our world and let their victories inspire you to reach your dreams.” So to celebrate that, Lily Allen showed up in a dress with decapitated Bambis on it then passed out drunk. New York Daily News says:

Pop singer Lily Allen turned heads when she wore a dress emblazoned with decapitated Bambis (complete with hot pink blood!) to the U.K.’s Glamour Women of the Year Awards on Tuesday night. The “Smile” singer, who sported a matching pink hairdo, took home the Editor’s Special Award – and a hangover that wasn’t caused by her dress. Allen had to be carried out of the ceremony’s afterparty by a bouncer after hitting the sauce a little too hard. She admitted, via her MySpace blog, that she’s feeling “awful” today after getting “very drunk.” “It’s not cool getting that drunk,” she said. “Kids, drink responsibly or you’ll end up looking like this – not pretty!”

Lily is always fall down drunk, so you can see why I would be getting mixed signals. Should I get drunk and make and ass of myself everywhere I go? Please, Lily. Please share the secrets of your successful life?