Cynthia Nixon Has a Sexy Girlfriend

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While millions of women lined up to go see this summer’s big blockbuster fantasy about four ugly chicks getting laid by hot guys, Cynthia Nixon’s girlfriend is currently the points leader for the “Butchest Lesbian On Earth” award. Congratulations! Contact Music says:

SEX AND THE CITY star CYNTHIA NIXON confesses her lesbian lover CHRISTINE MARINONI hates wearing women’s clothes. The actress – who has been dating Marinoni since the end of her marriage to Danny Mozes in 2003 – once tried to encourage her partner to wear feminine clothes. But Marinoni was not interested. She says, “She only wears men’s clothes. She won’t even wear any kind of women’s shoes. “I bought her a pair of cowboy boots that were from a women’s department, and she was like, ‘Don’t do this again.'”

Hollywood would have you believe that lesbians have pillow fights in nothing but lip gloss and boy shorts, but in reality, it mostly looks like this and this. Oh, yeah, baby. I can see why this is so hot. Nothing turns me on more than imagining a chick that looks like Frodo prancing around in her new three-button, non-vented charcoal suit. Ooh, la la.

Cynthia Nixon topless, in some movie (NSFW):