Anne Heche is Broke

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Last June, the estranged husband of Anne Heche, Coley Laffoon, was awarded primary physical custody of the couple’s then five year old son, Homer, after Heche decided to bang her co-star in the now canceled show, Men In Trees. He was also awarded $14,798 in monthly support. Because nobody wants to hire Anne Heche, the actress says she can no longer afford the payments. People says:

I am continuing to look for work, but I have no offers pending and the impending strike by the Screen Actors Guild reduces my prospects for work even further,” Heche, 38, writes in court papers…In a court declaration, Heche indicated her financial straits were dire and that she can no longer afford to pay the $14,798 in monthly support, along with private school tuition for her 6-year-old son Homer, the mortgage on her house in Canada where Men In Trees filmed, rent on her Los Angeles home and car expenses. “Since January 18, 2008, I have been unemployed and had no income from employment except for one very short-term contract for a movie role for which I received a total of $65,000, approximately the amount I received for one episode of Men In Trees, she writes.”

A house in Canada? A home in Los Angeles? Cars? Man, if there was just some way Anne Heche could find to support her child. Hmmm, I just don’t know. Maybe she can kidnap a leprechaun or attack a pirate ship. That sounds pretty extreme, but by God she has to try something!