Sarah Jessica Parker Loves Her Gay Husband

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You know the rumor that Sarah Jessica Parker’s marriage to Matthew Broderick is fake because Broderick is a flaming queer? Yeah, that one. In an interview with New York Magazine yesterday, Parker wasn’t helping to quiet that down. New York Magazine says:

…when I talk about my husband, who like Broderick is a science geek and a gadget-hound, she suggests that we should set them up as friends. “Matthew doesn’t have enough friends,” she tells me, sounding very mother-hennish and adding that Matthew has mostly gay friends in New York.”

Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a goblin raped a horse, so even if Matthew Broderick isn’t gay, he should probably just come out and say he is. I really don’t know what he’s waiting for at this point. If I was him, I’d be wearing a Captain’s hat and a mesh halter top every day. Oh, and rollerblades. You know, just to fully drive the point home that the only way I’d want see Sarah Jessica Parker naked is if we went shopping.