Scientology Hates Jason Beghne

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Although the official reason was “copyright issues,” the YouTube account created by Mark Bunker, the videographer who interviewed actor Jason Beghe in the now classic anti-Scientology clip, was deleted due to assumed pressure from The Church of $cientology. However, Bunker has vowed that the full interview will be seen in it’s entirety, and that Scientology can no longer stop the flood of public opinion that believes Scientology is a dangerous cult. But just how incredibly insane is Scientology? Oh, it’s much, much worse than you thought. FOX News reports:

The more he describes the Scientology experience, the scarier it sounds. As he told me the other day: “A Scientologist who’s ‘clear’ believes he’s no longer a Homosapien. He’s Homo-novis, a new race. They believe they are the only hope for this section of the galaxy, starting with planet Earth.” Yes, Tom Cruise and John Travolta evidently believe this, Beghe says….Beghe also told me that one possible theory for why the careers of Scientologists tend to go south is that the famous actors, such as Jenna Elfman or Juliette Lewis, “get so involved in thinking only they can save the world” that the sect overwhelms them. This may be true: Elfman has had little luck since the cancellation of “Dharma and Greg,” Lewis gets little acting work, Elfman’s husband, Bodhi, is only known because of Jenna and rocker Beck hasn’t had a real hit album since “Odelay” back in 1996.”

If Tom Cruise and John Travolta are the only hope for the galaxy we should all call our loved ones right now and go bite down on an Uzi. Thankfully it shouldn’t come to that because I just bought some possessed robot bears on eBay and I’ve trained them to attack anybody wearing hair plugs and shoe lifts. “Behold, Homo-novis! Attack!”

Mark Bunker’s response

Famous Scientologists being objectified:

Erika Christensen:

Leah Remini:

Jenna Elfman:

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