Naomi Campbell Got Banned

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Four days after she assaulted a police officer and had to be dragged off a plane at London’s Heathrow Airport, Naomi Campbell has been banned from traveling British Airways. Although the airline will not publicly comment on the details, a BA spokesman said abuse against staff would not be tolerated. Naomi Campbell’s spokeswoman said:

Naomi has been flying with British Airways for nearly 30 years and has been a good customer. She hopes this can be resolved amicably.”

Ah, yes. “Amicably.” That’s how they should handle it. Because that’s how Naomi Campbell would want it. She has always lived her life with a quiet dignity, known the world over for amicably resolving conflicts and strife with her tempered ego and sound reason. In times of great distress, she is often sought out by world leaders for her sage wisdom. I hate to throw around comparisons here, but Naomi Campbell? Gandhi? It certainly appears so, my friends. It certainly appears so.

Naomi Campbell naked (NSFW, of course):