Naomi Campbell Got Arrested Again

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Naomi Campbell lost her bag at Heathrow Airport, so she did what any normal human would do – she flew into a violent rage and assaulted a police officer. The Sun reports:

NAOMI Campbell was arrested at Heathrow Airport this afternoon after allegedly SPITTING at a police officer. The supermodel was hauled away “ranting and screaming” from the First Class Lounge of Terminal 5. She was due to catch a 4pm flight to Los Angeles but mislaid one of her three items of hand luggage. Onlookers said she demanded BA staff find the bag and turned down their offer to find it and forward it on. As the row intensified airport staff asked her to leave the airport and said she was unfit to fly. Cops were called and she was heard screaming “get off me, leave me alone” before she attacked one and was taken away to Heathrow police station. BA269 left more than an hour and a half late while bags belonging to the model and her entourage were taken from the flight.”

I don’t think men should hit women without prepaying, but if this cop would have cracked this bitch in the jaw, there wouldn’t have been a line to help her up. So hopefully this will be what it takes for her to get thrown in jail, because in case the authorities have failed to catch on so far – Naomi Campbell is a fuckin psychopath. Instead of jail she should be sent to a prison colony and be forced to wear a collar that explodes if she wanders off too far.

Update: Sources say that the bag in question contained clothes for an upcoming appearance on American television, and that Naomi, when she was told the bag was missing, started “screaming and swearing at staff, waving her arms” before getting off the plane. Apparently she wasn’t finished, so she got back on the plane and started again. That’s when the police were called, and shortly after, the assault took place. Naomi Campbell had to be placed in handcuffs and “virtually dragged” off the plane. She could face up to six months in prison. What, no exploding collar? Awww, man.

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