Dita Von Teese Has a Sex Tape

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A lesbian porn video featuring Dita Von Teese has finally hit online. Yippeeee!! The Sun reports:

Explicit clips of the 35-year-old being spanked and pleasured with a bizarre sex toy by women have emerged online. It is a blow to Wonderbra who only launched her as the new face of their famous push-up bra last month. They hoped Dita – real name Heather Sweet – would enhance the company’s clean-cut image by designing her own limited edition collection. But the sleazy flick – shot before she rose to fame – will shock lingerie bosses. In one scene the former wife of goth rocker MARILYN MANSON romps with a leggy beauty with a sex toy. In another she cavorts with two stunners in corsets.”

I wish all women would be as strong and independent as Dita Von Teese. And when I say “strong and independent” I don’t mean by voting, but rather “star in lesbian porn videos.” Will it solve all the world’s problems? No. Is it a start? Why yes, my friends. Yes. I do believe it is.

Check out the Dita Von Teese sex tape after the jump. (Warning: Very explicit and very NSFW):