Johnny Depp Loves His Fans

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Although you will never hear this story from him or his publicists, Johnny Depp recorded a personalized message for Sophie Wilkinson, a 17 year old straight-A student who fell into a coma after being critically injured in a car accident five months ago. Desperate to try anything that might bring his daughter back, Wilkinson’s father, Andrew, wrote Depp asking for the message, explaining to Depp that he was his daughter’s favorite actor and POTC was her favorite movie. And, of course, Johnny did it. In his Jack Sparrow voice.

Remarkably enough, the young girl began moving her right leg shortly after hearing the recording of Depp. The parents shed tears of joy to know that their daughter has hope of returning to life. Depp was apparently so touched with the letter written to him by Andrew, he committed himself to doing anything necessary to help out a fan and a young girl in need.”

I was walking behind this really old lady in a grocery store parking lot this one time, and the poor thing could barely push her cart. I didn’t want her to feel like she was slowing me down, so I walked around her really fast. She yelled something at me, probably a thank you, but I don’t have time for glory and congratulations. The world is big, and my work is not yet done.

Johnny Depp filming Public Enemies: