Janet Jackson Gets Hospitalized

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The flu sucks, but apparently to celebrities it’s a raging virus like the Black Plague that causes all its victims to be rushed to hospital for emergency medical care. People says:

Pop superstardom, it turns out, does not protect you from the elements: Janet Jackson has been hospitalized with a case of the flu, her rep tells PEOPLE. “She’s fine,” says the rep. “She’s just battling this crazy flu like everyone else.”

I have the flu right now, yet somehow I’m able to type without having to call an ambulance. Maybe it’s because I have the flu and I’m not on HGH like Janet Jackson. Because normal Janet looks like this and whenever she releases and album she looks like this. Coincidentally, Janet’s new album was released last month. Man, I wonder if there is any correlation between these two? We might need to get Encyclopedia Brown on the case, because this mystery needs to be solved!