Amy Winehouse is an Ashtray

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Amy Winehouse’s face has been looking like a bowl of oatmeal lately, and according to new reports, it isn’t from the bacterial disease, impetigo, but from something way more bat shit insane. The Sun says:

The troubled star was with pals when she was asked THREE TIMES by staff to put out her Marlboro Light because of the smoking ban. As she received her final warning, Amy stared straight into the waitress’s eyes and pushed the burning tip of the fag into her own face. A source at the diner said: “She hardly flinched because she was so high. The whole place was open-mouthed in horror.” Amy tried to conceal the wound with foundation – but it has now apparently become infected, causing the swelling on her cheek….Amy’s spokesperson said at the weekend that the singer was suffering from impetigo, explaining the rash on her left cheek. But the real reason for the mark on her face is the cigarette incident – once again highlighting Amy’s self-harm problems.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think it might be time to take pause when a infectious skin disease is being tossed around as a good cover story for your dumb ass. If you haven’t already eaten, you can check out her cheek here. But be warned, it’s Amy Winehouse + infection. She’d look less scary if these pictures showed her turning into Hyde.