Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne are Really Drunk

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I love London. It’s a magical place filled with extra “u”s in words and drunk whores. The Daily Mail reports:

One is a millionaire model. The other the daughter of rock royalty. But last night, Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne turned 3am party girls to pair up for a wild night out in London, leaving both clearly the worse for wear as they partied until the early hours of this morning. Kate leant heavily on boyfriend Jamie Hince, as she and Kelly left club Punk in Soho last night. The 34-year-old model, and mother of daughter Lila Grace, 5, exited the club unsteadily with her head hanging down, wearing black shorts and a leather jacket, and opaque tights which appeared to have stains on them. While a dramatically pale Kelly, the daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne and X Factor judge Sharon, clearly needed the support of two pals as she made her way out to the waiting car.”

Man, this club must be hot. I imagine people fall over themselves to party with a washed up model and her fat drunk friend. I know I would. This is exactly like the clubs in L.A. except with way more BMI and resistance to sunlight.