Kirstie Alley Will Save the Planet

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Kirstie Alley attended some kind of Church of Scientology summit in Florida last summer and talked about the experience in an interview in the church’s official magazine. Page Six reports

Alley, listed as a founding member of Scientology’s “Super Power Expansion Project,” gushes about its Florida summit last summer: “I’m walking out an entirely different being, and I mean entirely different…My viewpoint on the fourth dynamic and mankind and other people changed. You know, I liked animals more than people! OK, I liked certain people, but the idea of ‘mankind’ – it really irritated me!” Alley continues: “Then I realized why mankind upset me so much – it’s because I wasn’t taking responsibility!…Now, I have genuine affinity for mankind…I’ve made decisions here, big, crazy, great, brilliant decisions here about the magnitude I’m going to help this group and help this planet, and it’s real…I want everybody in the universe to experience this.”

Kirstie Alley then put on a shiny metallic jumpsuit and a scuba mask and handed the interviewer a Lego spaceship. “Commander, tear this ship apart until you’ve found those plans. And bring me the passengers, I want them alive!”, Kirstie Alley was overheard saying.