Tom Cruise Can’t Handle The Truth

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Ten Church of Scientology buildings were evacuated yesterday after mail delivered to their cult recruitment locations were found to contain a white powdery substance. Uh oh. The LA Times reports:

The letters were sent via the Postal Service to Scientology properties in Hollywood, the San Fernando Valley, Santa Monica, Glendale and Tustin. Police shut part of Glendale’s busy Brand Boulevard for two hours before sounding the all-clear, while 60 people were cleared from buildings in Tustin, authorities said…”Initial field testing by LAPD indicates the powder is harmless,” said FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller. “However, further testing will be conducted. We will also work to assess what threat, if any, was associated with the mailings and determine whether any federal statutes were violated.”

There’s no telling who did this and it doesn’t really matter. It could be undersea vampires or members of the Young Democrats and I’d still like to know where I should send my check.

Just for fun:

Some famous Scientologists at some jackoff Scientology circle jerk: