George Clooney Hates Jamie Lynn Spears

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George Clooney was at the 13th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards last night and proceeded to kick Jamie Lynn Spears in the stomach. Page Six says:

There isn’t a celebrity in Hollywood that George Clooney doesn’t know…but it appears that there is one star he is not interested in spending any time with: Jamie Lynn Spears. When asked by E! News last night what he thought of Nicole Kidman’s just-announced pregnancy, George replied: “At least she is older than 16.”

George better be careful, because Jamie Lynn is studying for her GED. That’s like finishing almost high school in two weeks. Clooney will be no match for Jamie Lynn’s superior intellect. With her ability to recite the Preamble, identify proper sentence structure, and understand simple cell division, there will be no stopping this mental menace!!