Nicole Kidman is “Confirmed” Pregnant

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After a billion rumors and denials over that last decade, Nicole Kidman is finally, for reals this time, pregnant. Extra reports:

(Los Angeles – January 7, 2008) – “Extra” has just confirmed that Nicole Kidman is pregnant. Her rep tells “Extra,” “Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban confirmed today that they are expecting a baby. The couple are[sic] thrilled.”

The good news is Nicole will finally have a little meat on her bones and some tits. The bad news is the kid will be pale, ginger, have a better chance of being short than tall, and will probably have a forehead the size of a drive-in movie theater screen. Back on the bright side, the kid won’t have Tom Cruise’s DNA, will most likely be quite talented, and spend most of its life in Australia. So the kid’s really not so screwed after all.