Amy Winehouse is High

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The past four nights, Amy Winehouse has been seen aimlessly wandering around London high off her ass. Hey, what’s that in her nose? Oh whatever could it be?!? The Daily Mail reports:

Troubled Amy Winehouse continued her erratic nocturnal antics for the fourth consecutive night, roaming around London’s Soho until 5am with a mystery white powder smeared across her nostrils. The Rehab star, whose behavior has become increasingly troubling in recent times, played a secret gig at the Jazz After Dark club in Greek Street…An onlooker said: “She seemed to be having trouble working out the music. She was going back and forth, sorting out the arrangements before singing for about 15 minutes.” She then went to Balans restaurant in Old Compton Street, where she stayed until the early morning. Wearing the same clothes from a day earlier, she again stopped off at a local store for a quick sugar fix, but that’s were the sweetness ended – as she emerged, she spat at a waiting pack of photographers and fans.”

Later that night, Winehouse was photographed carrying a box of ice lollies and crawling under her gate . Don’t ask me why. All I know is that if a giant asteroid ever heads toward earth, I think the world’s governments should at least consider sending Amy Winehouse up to space with a crack pipe and a lighter.