Johnny Depp is Still Cool

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The New York premiere of Sweeney Todd was last night and Extra caught up with Johnny Depp to discuss his decision to accept the role and its Oscar buzz. Depp said:

Tim [Burton] dropped the CD off at my house six years ago and then waited to ask me if I wanted to do the movie with him.” Depp doesn’t pay attention to the Oscar buzz that his performance is garnering saying, “They say my job is done on the film. It’s none of my business what happens after that.” The normally private star does reveal to “Extra” his holiday plans. “Hanging out with the kiddies. Wait for Santa Claus,” Depp says.”

Every person named “Todd” is crazy, so who better to play one than one of the greatest actors in the history of cinema? In case you didn’t know, Depp gets a free pass for life. He could play the as of yet to happen role of “the guy who killed my parents and screwed my girlfriend” and I would be, at worst, third in line.