Amy Winehouse Really Loves Drugs

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Amy Winehouse’s UK tour continued in Blackpool last night, and surprise, she had cocaine up her nose. She has reached out to Pete Doherty to help her in her “fight” with substance abuse, so she should be clean in no time. Doherty says:

I speak to Amy almost every day. She just wants her man back for Christmas. They are desperately in love. One good thing is that Blake has got clean since he has been in prison. It’s been quite an awakening. Amy stopped doing everything since he went in. She realises how much they have to lose. They are going to lose each other if it carries on. Love, music and melody is the way forward.”

I really hope this works out because if anybody can help her kick drugs, it’s Pete Doherty. Wait, did I say “kick drugs?” I meant “do more drugs,” because this guy’s gone through more needles than thread. If you have tickets to the next Amy Winehouse show you might want to make other plans, because there’s a good chance it might be two hours of her singing the label of an OxyContin bottle.

Amy snorting on stage a several nights ago:

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