Amy Winehouse is Unintelligible

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Amy Winehouse performed at the MTV Europe Music Awards last night. She wasn’t speaking any language or singing any “lyrics” per se, but she still managed to sound better than most of the shit I hear on the radio every day, so good for her. Lyrically speaking, this isn’t much different than Pearl Jam’s Yellow Ledbetter. Nobody knows what the hell Eddie Vedder is saying in that song, but it’s still a hit. However, none of these songs are as good as my version of One Week by Barenaked Ladies after I drink several bottles of wine. The assistant graveyard shift manager and the homeless guy in the front row at the karaoke bar I sang at last Wednesday at 3 a.m. gave me a standing ovation. They all had such a good time, they put a Polaroid picture of me and my phone number in the men’s bathroom suggesting people call me to perform for them. MTV, here I come.

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