Bill Maher Loves Dumb Whores

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Karrine “Superhead” Steffans, keeping with her tradition of telling everyone about everyone she’s had sex with whether they want to hear it or not, is now telling everyone about why her relationship with Bill Maher ended.

She says, “Bill wants someone he can put down in an argument, tell you how ghetto you are, how big your butt is, and that you’re an idiot. That’s why you never see him with a white girl or an intellectual. I might as well have been a Muslim woman with my head wrapped, walking 10 paces behind my man. [But] I couldn’t be ‘Bill Maher’s girlfriend’ any more – not when I’m Karrine Steffans . . . best-selling author.”

Jesus, Karrine, you act like you wrote a book about quantum physics, or authored every entry in each Chicken Soup for the Soul. You wrote a book about all of the people you fucked and all the cocks you sucked. Rhodes Scholars and Mensa members don’t generally sit around discussing ways to properly deep throat a large penis, unless of course it’s a meeting I’m attending.