Pink and Carey Hart Might Get a Divorce

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Rumors of Pink’s pending divorce from her husband, freestyle motocross legend Carey Hart, have been circulating for a while now, and now there appears to be a reason. Pink wants a baby, Hart wants to bang other chicks. New York Daily News says:

Well-placed sources tell us that pop star Pink’s marriage is on its last legs. Apparently, when the singer married her biker beau, Carey Hart, she took a “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy and agreed to let him have his fun when she’s away on tour. But she’s changed her mind now that her biological clock has started ticking. “Divorce is just around the corner,” says our mole. “Carey has this one blonde in particular that he takes everywhere, even public appearances. But Pink knew what she was getting into!” Stupid girl, indeed.”

Pink is gross, so it’s not hard to imagine that she’d have to bring Carey Hart a young virgin every night just so Carey would agree to hold Pink’s hand in public. Because there’s no way a normal guy would willingly have sex with Pink. I mean, she’s basically a dude. If I had a choice between having sex with Pink or getting my penis injected with MRSA, I’d wanna know for sure it was a sterile needle.

Pink and Carey earlier this month: