Heath Ledger is Smooth

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Actor Heath Ledger just recently broke up with child actress Michelle Williams and is reportedly dating Helena Christensen, but that didn’t stop him from trying to pick up some ladies in New York this weekend. Page Six says:

Our spies, however, spotted him leaving the Beatrice Inn in the West Village early Sunday morning, looking for a fresh catch. “He wasn’t drinking, but he was there with his friend,” we’re told. “The friend chased two girls as they were leaving and gave them Heath’s address. He told them to meet at Heath’s new apartment in SoHo.” Ledger’s rep did not return calls.”

Man, I totally have to use that, because women just love it when they’re being chased down the street by a stranger. I hear that 1 out of 10 times this happens the police never even show up! Wow, can you believe that?! It’s obvious women think this is really romantic.

Helena Christensen: