Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado are Assholes

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Most celebrities are pretentious, self-centered douchebags in real life and it’s amazing when their unfiltered sense of entitlement shows up in publis ppaces. Like celebrity chef Guy Rubino’s Toronto Asian restaurant, Rain. New York Daily News reports:

[Nelly Furtado] made a reservation for 10 guests…She showed up an hour late, with five extra people in tow,” [Rubino] said. “For parties that size, we do a prix-fixe type of menu. Nelly objected and was really rude about it. She expected individual dishes to be prepared. Her manager even came into the kitchen and had the gall to say, ‘Just fucking do it!’ I told her that she and her client could ‘just fucking LEAVE.'”….Rubino also sniffed at Justin Timberlake ‘s restaurant manners. “Timberlake comes into Rain, doesn’t even look at the menu and shouts for random food that we don’t make…If he knew what he wanted, why come to an Asian restaurant in the first place?”

Justin Timberlake is a whiny little prick, but I never would’ve expected this from Nelly Furtado. She’s always seemed really reserved and unassuming. And that made sense because that’s normally how outer space aliens act when they visit earth to study us. They blend in and subdue us with subliminal ad campaigns so they can steal our jobs.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel on Sept. 12: