Sting Loves Whores

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I’m sure The Police reunion tour that’s going through Germany right now has to be tiring. Especially when you don’t leave the whore house until 2 in the morning. The Daily Mail says:

Straight after performing at the HSVArena in Hamburg, the 55-year- old singer jumped into a silver SUV flanked by two bodyguards and headed into town. As it turned out he clearly had relaxation on his mind. The Relax bordello prides itself on being one of the city’s most luxurious. Advertising itself more innocently as a strip club, promotional literature describes how it is “frequented by more than 40 top models every night”. What is not advertised so freely is that most of the models rent themselves out by the hour. They usually accompany clients to the swimming pool, whirlpool bath and sauna inside. Brothels are legal in Germany and Relax is well known…The report speculated whether Sting delighted the ladies with a rendition of Roxanne – a Police hit song about a prostitute. Inside Relax, guests are encouraged to spend, spend, spend.”

Encouraged to spend money at a bordello? Dude, I’m in a whore house, spending is why I’m here. You don’t need to encourage me. What, do you have a rose man walking around? Is the bartender gonna ask me how many balloons I think I can pop with that dart? All I have to do is land a penny on a plate and I win that stuffed unicorn? Really? Oooh, oooh, me next! Me next!

Sting leaving the brothel:

Some of the brothel’s “top models”:

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